Why Choose Blue Chip Retirement Plans?

1. Independent Third Party Retirement Plan Administration Firm

We are an independent third party retirement plan administration firm (not affiliated with a CPA firm, bank or investment institution). Our unique delivery is what sets us apart from our competitors.

2. Our Approach

Our consultative approach takes the confusion out of plan administration duties and decision making, providing our clients with the technical expertise they need.

3. We Work Quickly

Our commitment to technology and quality permits us to process our clients’ work expeditiously and efficiently.

4. Complimentary Retirement Plan Analysis

401(k) and profit sharing plans can be rewarding for both the employer and employees when properly designed and administered. Throughout our 17+ years of experience, we have found no two plans are exactly alike. Whether you’re evaluating your current plan or looking to set up a new plan, our professional team of experts can provide a complementary, unbiased analysis of your retirement plan.


The rules regarding hardship distributions from qualified plans are changing as a result of legislation signed into law in February 2018.  These changes are effective on the first day of the Plan Year that begins on or after January 1, 2019. Please see link for details.